The throne of God is not visible above the water falls, but from this throne flows healing for the individual and some day for the Nations.      

The new covenant allows us to approach the Throne of God with confidence it is called  the “ throne of grace” because from it flows God’s love, help, mercy, forgiveness, spiritual power and healing. The grace of God, given to each believer to accomplish God’s will, is an energizing strength that flows from the risen Christ and operates through the Holy Spirit indwelling the believer. This is a place where we can go to commune with God and soak in the healing waters as deep as we like or as shallow as we like. Find a comfortable spot and rest and become  refreshed . Allow yourself to visit with Jehovah Y’shua, the Lord your Saviour . HEBREWS  4 : 16 ; EPHESIANS  3 : 12

This painting took about six months to paint. All the plants where researched as to where their correct growing location would be in a rain forest. The artist has never been to a rain forest.


Healing Waters Flowing from the Throne of Grace 

copyright Natalie Makletzoff   2000